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La Grande Montagne, Plateau d'Albion
Live online data recorded by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Prague, Czech Republic in collaboration with Laboratoire Souterrain a Bas-Bruit, Rustrel, France. The thunderstorm activity is continuously monitored in a favorable electromagnetic environment on the summit of La Grande Montagne (1028 m, 43.9410N, 5.4836E), Plateau d'Albion. These measurements are prepared as a ground-based counterpart of instrumentation which is being developed by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics for the TARANIS spacecraft.
hf antenna The SLAVIA sensors (Shielded Loop Antenna with a Versatile Integrated Amplifier) detect horizontal components of the magnetic field fluctuations in a frequency interval from 5 kHz to 90 MHz. The loop surface is 0.23 m2, the maximum amplifier gain is 47 dB. The maximum sensitivity of the recording system is 6 nT/s/√Hz, corresponding to 1 fT/√Hz at 1 MHz. Four sensors are used for interferometry measurements.
Overview of 4 days of SLAVIA 3 measurements (time is given in UTC)

Latest broadband waveform snapshot of SLAVIA 3

Overview of SLAVIA 3 data    →  View data from all sensors Last SLAVIA 3 data    →  View data from all sensors

vlf antennas Multidimensional ELV/VLF analyzer ELMAVAN-G (up to 25 kHz) is a clone of the ELMAVAN instrument which is being prepared by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics for the Resonance spacecraft project. We use an 10-cm spherical electric antenna located 2 m above ground (channel 0) and two 12-turn magnetic loop antennas of 4 m2 with preamplifiears ( E-W and S-N components, channels 1 and 2, respectively). Time is given in UTC.
Overview of ELMAVAN-G data      Link to the last waveform data:

     Link to the most intense 1-s interval

     Link to the least intense 1-s interval

mill Our data are completed by measurements of the vertical atmospheric electric field using a commercial field mill device (Boltek EFM-100 Atmospheric Electric Field Mill). Time is given in UTC.
Boltek electric field mill

IAP, Prague, Department of Space Physics: O. Santolik, R. Lan; Department of Upper Atmosphere: I. Kolmasova, L. Uhlir.
LSBB, Rustrel: A. Cavaillou.
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