hf antenna

Broadband electromagnetic measurement
of lightning discharges at Cap Corse


Data recorded by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Prague, Czech Republic in collaboration with Laboratoire d’Aérologie OMP/CNRS/UPS Toulouse, France in the frame of the SOLID-PREVALS (Space-based Optical LIghtning Detection - PREparation, VALidation and Support) project. During these measurements we test instrumentation which was developed by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics for the TARANIS spacecraft project.


Broadband HF analyzer BLESKA (5 kHz - 37 MHz), a clone of the IME-HF analyzer for TARANIS, is connected to the SLAVIA sensor (Shielded Loop Antenna with a Versatile Integrated Amplifier) to detect the E-W horizontal component of the magnetic field fluctuations. The loop surface is 0.23 m2, the maximum amplifier gain is 47 dB. The maximum sensitivity of the recording system is 6 nT/s/√Hz, corresponding to 1 fT/√Hz at 1 MHz.

New electric field sensor Boltek EFM-100 installed at ERSA:

Last EFM data:


IAP, Prague, Department of Space Physics: O. Santolik, R. Lan; Department of Upper Atmosphere: I. Kolmasova, L. Uhlir.

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